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Tokka Tumblr

Get your daily Tokka punch! Now there's somewhere to go to see something different every day!

Tokka-Fans-United FAQ

Welcome to Tokka-Fans-United!

:bulletgreen: How do I join?

Nothing could be easier! Just click the 'Join Us' button at the top of the homepage and you're in!

:bulletblue: What is the difference between a member and a contributor?

Not much really. Our most prolific contributors are in the group called "Tau Phi Upsilon" (TFU in Greek letters :giggle:), but there's is no difference in what you are allowed to do.

:bulletgreen: I submitted a deviation/fave, but it says that it needs to be voted on. What does that mean?

Simply put, one of the mods have to approve the submission for inclusion in the gallery or faves.
We are not judging art quality! If your suggestion was rejected, it means that it was not in keeping with the guidelines.

:bulletblue: Okay then, what are the guidelines?

Actually, there are only a few. Each deviation must meet the following criteria:
:bulletgreen: The submission must feature Toph or Sokka alone, or
:bulletblue: The submission must feature Tokka love
:bulletgreen: No bashing of other ships (this includes Suki!)
:bulletblue: A "T" or "PG-13" rating at the most

:bulletgreen:When we submit fics, do you accept all chapters of a longer one, or only chapter one?

The answer to this used to be "only chapter one," but we've changed that. Because we can have sub-folders in our galleries, we will accept all chapters of longer fics. Multi-chaptered fics will have their own folder in the "Tokka Fanfiction" section, each identified by their title and author.


All the people that make the TFU run on a daily basis! :D

Supreme Overlord


Those Who Must Be Obeyed


She Who Stuffs the Inbox


Tau Phi Upsilon


It's tomorrow everyone!  Tokka Week begins tomorrow!

If you need reminding, here are the prompts for the week:

August 1 - "Shelter"
August 2 - "Some Things Never Change"
August 3 - "Tradition"
August 4 - "At Last"
August 5 - "Ember Island"
August 6 - "Time"
August 7 - "Reality"

There is also a "Tokka Week Seven" folder in our gallery now, so please submit all your deviations there.  We're not a super group anymore, so there aren't individual folders for each day this time.  

We have over 1300 members of this group, and over 1500 watchers, so there should be an onslaught of epic kick-ass love!  We personally can't wait for it.  

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Hey guys, I jut want to inform anyone still on here that Tokka month prompts are out! It was moved to January here's the info!


Alright guys! Tokka month is starting January 1st and goes through the entire month so here we have the prompts for the month and today is a special release of the to celebrate comeontwinkletoes’sBirthday! Maybe show them some love for helping with the prompt list! Get ready, Tokka month is coming 

  1. Earthbending
  2. Music
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Happiness
  5. Old Age
  6. Field Trips
  7. Pets
  8. Talents
  9. Parents
  10. Southern Water Tribe
  11. Metal
  12. Celebration
  13. Hot ‘n Spicy
  14. Snoozles
  15. Ghosts
  16. Light in the Dark
  17. Colors
  18. Hair
  19. Boomerang
  20. Departure
  21. Fireworks
  22. Sleeping late
  23. Manly beards
  24. Muscle
  25. Change
  26. Butterflies
  27. Beginnings
  28. Ends
  29. Frozen
  30. Daughter
  31. The Beifongs 
daughterofthestars Dec 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Sorry but, who are you? We already have Tokka week every year in August and sometimes a second one in February, too. And most Tokka fans have trouble getting 7 images/stories done, let alone 31!
It's for people who do want to do the 31 no one has to I'm just spreading the word since January usually isn't Tokka month!
Oh they aren't mine! I actually just got into the Tokka fandom :D and I noticed Tokka month wasn't done this year, so I talked to some people on tumblr who usually come up with the prompts about it and they got the idea to do it in January so I'm just helping spread the word!…
This person and
Came up with the prompts!
comeontwinkletoes Dec 26, 2013  Student Writer
Hello! I only became a part of the tokka family in July of 2012.
Anyway Tokka Month came about because I had been getting messages on Tumblr about setting up a Tokka Month because Zutura and Kataang apparently have months dedicated to them. The fun thing about having a month is you don't have to participate everyday, you can pick and chose what prompts you want to write/draw about etc! So there is no pressure to do all 31! Gosh I wasnt even able to do 7 for Tokka week! But anyway thats how Tokka Month came about and I apologize for not coming on here and talking to you guys about it! I don't draw so I'm barley ever on here.
Ok guys so book 3 is underway and has to do with Lin and her family. Anyone have Tokka hope?
daughterofthestars Nov 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
Pretty much every Tokkaneer I talked to has fully embraced the headcanon of stepdad-Sokka! I suggest you do, too! But I really hope they either reveal canon Tokka (even if late in life or a quick fling I don't care!) or don't reveal anything at all. Sure we can always have AUs but even Zutarans got late-in-life hopes when Aang died early. So I don't want them to tell us too much. I'd rather it be left up to our imaginations so we can have as much Tokka as we want!
I've accepted and love the stepdad Sokka thing cus I feel that's something he would definitely do! But bryke teases us way too much so who knows. I know we cams till ship it even if it's not canon that's what we did after ATLA but with LOK we have hope and they've appeased a lot of other shippers. Amd I agree I'd rather were left with our imaginations. Im nervous abut book 3 talking about Lins family.mbit knwomg bryke they'll say who the bio dad was without any more info I.e. was he involved with Lin did he marry toph etc.
Earthbender-uno Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

yeah, I am interested though. lemme get this straight, Toph married an unknown person and had Lin and then divorced. Then re-married to Sokka.

Or was Lin born because of Sokka?

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